Getting Bored With Your Room? You May Wonder How Often You Should Refresh Your Room

It can be rather easy to get bored with a room. Considering how much time we spend in various rooms in our homes. However, having to refresh a room can be a rather expensive project depending upon your needs and wants. In addition, one must also consider the amount of time that goes into refreshing a room, if you intend to do it on your own. Whether you plan to go the do it yourself route or hire a company to do it for you, you may be wondering just how often a room should be refreshed. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look and get a few pointers.

The Basics

Every room has the ability to get stale very quickly and to help keep it fresh, you should do some basic refreshments on a monthly basis. This does not have to be anything to major and should only take a minimal amount of time and expense. Things such as new art, window treatments, throw pillows and rugs all can be used to create a quick new look that helps to invigorate the room. If nothing else, simple changes like this should be done on a seasonal basis. It helps to keep the space looking alive and fresh.

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Every Few Years

There are going to be times when an occasion new pillow or piece of art is simply not enough. For times like this, you will want to ensure that you take the time to offer the room a new look. This is usually down with paint and can be done every three to four years. A new paint job is one of the best ways to get a whole new look for a room without having to spend that much time or money. It is important to keep the color scheme of the room intact and just so a new color to liven the room up.

Decade Refreshers

It is hard to imagine a whole decade in a room, but it happens. With that in mine, every ten years a room needs a total makeover. This is going to include paint and furnishings. Usually, a room will really begin to show its age after a decade. By a total refresher, you are sure to stay up to date with the trends and help from the allowing the room to get an old feeling. While it can be a rather expensive process, the results are usually well worth it.

As you can see, there are several times throughout the years that you need to sit back and truly look at your room and decide upon how to refresh it. You want to do seasonal refreshments, paint every few years, and do a complete refresher at least every decade. By following this basic timeline it will you from getting bored with the room ad keep expenses down throughout the years. So if it has been a while since your room has seen a new look, you may want to begin with a total overhaul today!